Faria Fatma
Subedarni in Usne Kaha Tha
Uravasi and Sairandhri in Kaun Ho Tum Brihannala
Bhabhi in Kab Hogi Bhet
Sonam in Swayamvar 2010
Memorable performance in Kharaashein
Srinivas Naidu
Nepathya ki awaz in Usne Kaha Tha
Ghisu in Kafan Natak
Principal in Langad
Bhoot in Chirag Ka Bhoot
Dhan Singh and Parmanand in Kab Hogi Bhet
Sangeeta Panda
Backstage in Usne Kaha Tha
Rukma in Kab Hogi Bhet
Chitra in Swayamvar 2010 ( Bangalore and Dubai)
Memorable performance in Kharaashein
Nati in Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare
Vandana in Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain
Sound and Music in Jod Tod
Prarabdh Awasthi
Bodha Singh in Usne Kaha Tha
Tanuj Joshi
Lahna Singh in Usne Kaha Tha
Ashwini Dhiman
Vazira Singh in Usne Kaha Tha
Kishore Y
German Laptan in Usne Kaha Tha
Kalpana Sharma
Chhota Lahna in Usne Kaha Tha
Saloni Nigam
Ladki Amritsar wali in Usne Kaha Tha
Saurabh Gupta
Subedar Hazara Singh in Usne Kaha Tha
Nav Kishlay
Udami in Usne Kaha Tha
Piyush Agrawal
Subedar Hazara Singh in Usne Kaha Tha
Akanksha Srivastava
Backstage in Dasha
Backstage in Dasha
Chirag Jain
Set Design in Kaun Ho Tum Brihannala and Usne Kaha Tha
Rohan Nimbalkar
Sound and Music Kab Hogi Bhet and Usne Kaha Tha
Sanil Yatti
Langad in Dasha
Rami in Kab Hogi Bhet
Jagdish in Swayamvar 2010
Soul stirring performance in Kharaashein
Judge in Court Martial
Arjun in Ek Aur Dronacharya
Sudarshan Rajgopal
Madho in Kafan Natak
Sanichar in Langad
Brihannala in Kaun Ho Tum Brihannala
Shekhar in Swyamvar 2010
Memorable performance in Kharaashein
Shekhar in Swayamvar 2010
Dronacharya in Ek Aur Dronacharya
Mayuresh Nirhali
Sutrdhar in Kafan
Bechara in Chirag Ka Bhoot
Rangnath in Langad
Shefali Chaturvedi
Backstage in Dasha
Sarat Nair
Sound and Music in Dasha
Nikhil Budhwani
Backstage in Dasha and Usne Kaha Tha
Daisy Hookens
Backstage in Usne Kaha Tha
Rajkumari Uttara in Kaun Ho Tum Brihannala
Dancing girl in Chirag Ka Bhoot
Hema in Kab Hogi Bhet
Deepak Ajmani
Chintamani Vaidya and Indradev in Kab Hogi Bhet
Bibhuti and Khauf in Kharaashein
Jagdish in Swayamvar 2010
Col Surat Singh in Court Martial
Bhishma and Ashwathama in Ek Aur Dronacharya
Srinivas Naidu
Theatre enthusiast. Assayed two different roles in Kab Hogi Bhet.
Daisy Hookens
Although she 'drifted' in the theatre world, she now is
firmly entrenched in it.
Anirudh Katoch
Appearing in Dasha
Priyank Raj Kataria
Set designer of Kab Hogi Bhet
Badarivishal Kinhal
Gajender of Kab Hogi Bhet
Neha Priyank
Backstage - Kab Hogi Bhet
Rohan Nimbalkar
Sound and music – Kab Hogi Bhet
Ankur Sardana
IT Professional
Stage Manager in Swayamvar 2010
Ravi Shetye

Lighting Design for Swayamvar2010
Girish Mahajan
IT Professional
Music and Sound effects in Swayamvar 2010
Sangeeta Panda
Software Engineer
An intense and versatile artist. A disciplined actor. Sound and Music in Jod Tod. Acted as mother of a martyr in Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain, Chchamak Chchallo in Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare, Bengali housewife in Kharaashein and Egoistic female in Swayamvar 2010
Sudarshan Rajgopal
IT Professional
Soul-stirring performance in Kharaashein. Sudarshan is still remembered for his very sensitive portrayal as Guru Dronacharya in the play Ek Aur Dronacharya staged in 2003.
Deepak Ajmani
IT Professional
Gulzar's words came alive in his rendering of poems in Kharaashein. If you have witnessed Kalayan's staging of ‘Court Martial' you will remember Col. Surat Singh. From the hard-hitting-no-nonsense colonel to soft and sensitive Bibhuti, the transformation was complete.
Sanil Yatti
IT Professional
In Kharaashein he kept the audience at the edge of their seats with his performance. He gave a new meaning to the character of Shakuni in forthcoming animation film 'Bal Bharath'.
Acted as Jagdish, the WYSIWYG person in Swayamvar 2010
IT Professional
Has loads of stage experience behind her. Memorable performance in 'Kharaashein'. Moved the audience to the core in Raavi Paar.
Acted as Sonam in Swayamvar 2010
Ravi Yadav
IT Professional
An intense and very disciplined actor.
Siddharth Verma
Committed to theatre. Did wonderful job with the sound in Kharaashein.
Anish Singh
HR Professional
Acted in Ek Aur Dronacharya, Court Martial, Jod Tod and Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare
Kept the audience in splits of laughter as Sandeep in Swayamvar 2010
Anupam Dubey
Software Engineer
Acted in Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare
Music & Sound effects in Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain
Chinmay Mukhi
Acted in Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain
Deepti Pandey
Financial Consultant
Acted in Jod Tod
Divya Jain
Theatre Person
Acted in Jod Tod
Dancer and Choreographer
Acted in Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain
Dr. Manjari Bhatnagar
Stage and film actor
Acted in Ek Aur Dronacharya, Court Martial, Jod Tod and Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain
Mukta Darera
Software Engineer
Acted in Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain
Neetu Saini
University Teacher and Edu consultant
Acted in Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain
Rajiv Gupta
Engineer and Theatre Person.
Acted in Jod Tod
Acted in Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain
Sam Bhattacharjee
Acted in Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain
Sangeeta Panda
Software Engineer
Handled Sound and Music in Jod Tod.
Acted in Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain and Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare
Shailesh Vyas
Software Engineer
Acted in Court Martial & Jod Tod
Soumini Menon
Acted in Jod Tod
Vipul Srivastava
IT Professional
An intense and versatile actor.
Acted in Jod Tod, Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain, Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare and Swayamvar 2010
Vivek Pandey
IT Professional
Acted in Jod Tod
Yogi Verma
Villainous captain B.D. Kapur in Court Martial, martyr in Jo Peechche Rah Jaate Hain, goofy Ramawtaar in Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare and mouthing Gulzar's words and narrating Raavi Paar in Kharaashein. A very sensitive artiste.
Preeti Parashar
Took part in dance and worked backstage in Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare
Vibha Bhagchandani
IT Professional
Acted in Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare
Harihara Subramanian Vijayaraghavan
IT Professional and music enthusiast
Composed and directed music in Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare
Model and Theatre person
Deeply moved the audience to tears in Kharaashien. Rib tickling performance on stage in Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare, also composed the tune for Qawwali and choreographed dances in the play.
D. K. Venkatesh
Theatre enthusiast
Has appeared in many Kalayan plays. Recent play Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare
Software Project Manager
Acted in Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare
Dolly (Hiteshi)
IT Professional
Acted in Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare
IT Professional
Acted in Kab Tak Rahain Kunwaare


Mathura Kalauny
Founder - Kalayan Theatre and Kalayan.org
Writer - 150 short stories, 4 novels, 12 short plays, 3 regular plays
Producer and Director - 15 plays
Actor - stage and TV
Manoj Sinha
Stage & TV actor
Memorable performances un both comic & tragic roles; gets completely involved in the role;
Almost needs personality correction after the play;
Kumar Prabhas
Superb dialogue deliver, very articulate, strict disciplinarian
Takes part in plays with religious fervour
Shiv Kumar Belawadi
Devoted to theatre, very hard worker;
Meticulously pays attention to the smallest details
Seema Anjum
Very good singer, excellent sense of timing;
Sunil Bijlani
HR professional. Kalidas in Ashad Ka Ek Din
Neeta Singh
A natural actress. sterling performances in Ashad Ka Ek Din and Jod Tod
Babita Singh
One of the raj nartaki in Ashad Ka Ek Din
Kartik Sethia
A young enthusiastic actor. Vilom Ashad Ka Ek Din. Played comic roles in Jod Tod and Kayapalat.
Bina Mahuakar
Very cool person. Takes bouquets & brickbats with equal platitudes.
Vinay Ojha
Was associated with Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal. Excellent in impromptu acting.Played important role in TV serial Yakeen;
Ashok Dhariwal
Very experienced stage and TV actor and sought after dubbing artist;
Inherited theatre bug from his father. Besides acting dabbles in music;Received accolade for setting to tune the songs of Ek Tha Gadha;
Tishya Misra
Kalayan's youngest find.
Sridevi G
Multimedia is her chosen field. Wanted to explore and experience theatre media. Even though Hindi not being her natural language, gave a good account of herself in Banani's role in Badi Buaji.
Padmashri Sudarshan
Came to Kalayan to work in backstage but landed herself in the leading role of Jod Tod. Good singer, excellent in backstage;
Sanjay Sinha
Very quick learner. Has risen from fumbling actor to a great performer.Very valuable asset to Kalayan.He was the faceless man in Ek Aur Dronacharya;
Naresh Pandey
Finance professional. Memorable performance in Jod Tod.
Vijay Challu
His acting talent was a great discovery to Kalayan;
Parag Pithia
Eats theatre, sleeps theatre and even drinks theatre.
Anamika Bagga
Old tyrannical lady "Badi Buaji" was played to perfection by this modern young lady.
Very good in comic role. Great sense of timing;
Neeta Trivedi
If you apply yourself you can do anything, even act in a play.She proved her detractors wrong by her great performance in Badi Buaji
S. Mukerji
A very talented artist. He is at ease with any type of role.Be it sycophant Chintak in Ek Tha Gadha or megalomaniac dandy in Jod Tod;
Experienced stage & TV actor. Very well versed in stagecraft and TV Production;
Priya Achalkar
Takes assignments smilingly - on stage, backstage or front of house;
Soumini Sridhar
Who could forget 'Ramkali' of Kalayan's Ek Tha Gadha. Currently she is in Mumbai pursuing her career in singing. Remember the tall girl in whites in 'Raghupati raghav raja Ram;
Vijay J.
A man from finance world completely at home with theatre 'weirdoes';
Finance controller;
Deepak Mishra
Admin support;
Casper Abraham
Advisor and Creative support;
Ashok Sandip
Sets & Lighting;
A genius with stage lighting;
Krishna Joshi
Costume Designer. Admin support. Play critic. Great costumes in Ek Aur Dronacharya and Court Martial;
Sai Krishnan
Admin Support;
K. Subramaniam
Backstage, makeup artist;
Make-up artist;
N.S. Dani
very senior Make-up artist;
Sunil Issar
Set designer;
Play marketing. Stage & TV actress. An IT professional;
Costume Designer. Admin support. Fine fragrances evaluator by profession;
Sangeeta Bhat
Has appeared in music videos. Introduced to theater by KALAYAN
Kausar Khan
Model and TV serial artist. Introduced to theater by KALAYAN
Uttam Bhandari
Physician by profession. Introduced to theater by Kalayan
Balaraj K.N
Cartoonist and Sculptor. Introduced to theater by KALAYAN
The neck is always in the noose of his mobile phone. One sincerely wished that insufferable mobile was not a part of his body. His acting is at his emotional best . A team man, a great performer, mobile or not. It will be a long long time before his performance as Dronacharya will be forgotten.
Ankur Gupta
A die hard enthu cutlet. His has still not figured out "ye ladkiyan itna sochti kyon hain" and it is already too late.
Yaspal Gill
Yes the pal without gills. An intense young man.
Sarang Asthana
A serious grown up child among the Childish grown-ups. .
Sanil Yatti
A sharp shooter behind a laid back façade.
Disciplined Actor. Gave a moving performance in Ek Aur Dronacharya. Off stage Khalifa who can shake a leg.
Dr. Manjary Bhatnagar
Stood up to the pressure of catching up fast with the rest. A natural actress. That nagging was so natural. Pursuing a career in cross-over movies. Unforgettable performance in a bit role in Court Martial…
Deepak Ajmani
He was just great in both the roles- Bhishma and Ashwathama Ek Aur Dronacharya. If Dhrishtadumna hadn't retrieved the sword in time, he might have changed the course of Mahabharat.He was great as Col. Surat Sing in Court Martial at Rang shankara.
Shuchi Poddar
Her address is her Zen. With her infectious smile she could walk into any rehearsal three hours late and she did. She goes into the role with a bat of an eyelid, with full intensity of emotion. A great person to have in a team.
Nitin Asthana
Off stage, cool as a cucumber, on stage, a fully charged and sparking man. Always there and everywhere to give it a shove. Sarang had all the lines.
Ankura Ranade
Announces her presence by her 'jal tarang' laughter. One of the finest actresses, totally dedicated to the role and the team. A CKP graduate designs art work for KALAYAN.
Anish Singh
Very uneasy till he finds the character he was portraying. Wouldn't let grass grow under his feet once he found the character, well, he could only get better and better.Great performance as Col Surat Singh In Court Martial in Chowdiah.
Anindya Bhaduri
He said goodbye to the team. America jaana hai and all that. Little did he realise that he was dealing with Mahabharat characters. He not only had to come back but do three roles. He excelled in all of them.
Meenakshi Bhaduri
The baby of the team. Had a tough job coordinating rehearsals with stalwarts like ….. She tamed them all with her baby smile. .
Kundan Kumar
The fire brand lawyer.
Retd L. Col Vijayakant
Has been associated with Kalayan from its inception days.
Gyanesh Pandey
Software professional. Drifted into theatre. Very involved with the character in Court Martial. Wants to create a name an author.
Harsha U B
IT professional. Portrayed the condemned soldier in Court Martial. Many in the audience were noticed wiping their tears.
Nikhil Arora
A team man!.
M Basavaraju
An analytical chemist drifted into theatre.
Col Harish Joshi
Adviser and consultant for Court Martial.
A hard working theatre actor.
Shyam Bahadur Thapa
Soldier by profession. Won the heart of audience by his performance in Court Martial.
Y A B Rao
Soldier by profession. Was dragged in the Court Martial team
Babu Prabhakar
Has been designing Lights for plays since a long time in Bangalore
Anand Parsuram
Learned sound effects the hard way. Proved invaluable to Court Martial team.
Law student in Hyderabad. Rehearsal coordinator for Court Martial.
Yogee Verma
High energy actor.
Dhruv Jai Rajour
A law student. Natural comedian.
Shailesh Vyas
Software EngineerVery professional in the assignments he takes. Gave creditable performances as Subedar Balwan Singh and Bikash Roy in Court Martial productions. Cool, disciplined, methodical hardworking and dedicated.
Anamika Chadda
Anamika Bagga in Chadda avtar.